Evaluation of the Carrying Angle in the Ethnic Assamese Community


Monjushree Chakravarty1 , Rashmi Rekha Bordaloi2

BACKGROUND Assam is in the North East of India. The earliest inhabitants of Assam were people who came from Southeast Asia. The ethnic communities constitute about 12 to 13 percent of the state population. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the carrying angle of the elbow in ethnic Assamese community. METHODS The study was conducted in the Department of Anatomy, Tezpur Medical College. Out of 225 students admitted in first semester M.B.B.S. in two consecutive years in Tezpur Medical College, 20 students belonged to different ethnic communities of Assam. The carrying angle of both the right and left upper limbs were measured in the twenty selected students. Evaluation was done following all legal formalities. RESULTS The mean carrying angle in males was 10.33 + / - 1.56 in the right limb and 12.11 + / - 1.72 in the left limb; in the females it was 11.73 + / - 2.73 on the right side and 11.45 + / - 3.26 degree on the left side. CONCLUSIONS The study was done to find the carrying angle of the elbow in the ethnic Assamese community. The results of this study will be of help in the diagnosis and treatment of deformity and injury around the elbow.