Evaluation and Assessment of Manifestations of Ocular Injuries due to Road Traffic Accidents in Tertiary Care Centre, Bastar District of Chhattisgarh


Shagufta Amin, Anusha Singh, Chhaya Shori* and Mani Kiran Kujur


To find out the manifestations of ocular injuries in automobile accidents in patients coming in ophthalmology department of GMC Jagdalpur.


Ocular injury is an important public health problem affecting visual acuity as well as damaging the social and economic status of patients due to visual morbidity. This study aims to determine the demographics, clinical profile and manifestations of ocular trauma due to RTA.


This study was conducted at Ophthalmology department of Lt. BRKM GMC, Jagdalpur. Cases presented to OPD, Emergency or hospitalized in ophthalmology department were included and detail examination and necessary intervention done.


The study was done among 150 patients. 82.7% males and 17.3% females were involved. 64% patients belonged to 21-40 years age group.


Male gender is more often involved in RTA because in our society they are more exposed to outdoor activities and travelling. Alcohol abuse and no use of seat belt, helmet were main causative factors. Complete loss of eyesight is visually and economically impairing for the patient.