Author(s): S. M. Saifullah Quraishi1 P. S. Usha Rani2 P. Prasanthi3 P. Sudhakar4

Seizures are common disorders found all over the world and are encountered frequently during medical practice in variety of settings. Presently CNS infections like malaria, meningitis, tuberculosis, HIV, Neurocysticercosis account for significant number of cases in developing countries. Since these infections vary from region to region; etiology of seizure may also vary from region to region. Etiological spectrum of acute symptomatic seizures in developing countries is different from developed countries. So this study was done to know the various etiologies of new onset seizures in adults in this region. Sample size taken for the study is 50 patients with new onset seizures. It is concluded that etiological spectrum of seizures was varied and included Neuroinfection, CVA, idiopathic, alcohol withdrawal, Tumor, Metabolic. Tuberculoma and neurocysticercosis are most common cause of seizure among Neuroinfection.

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