K. Sri Charan1, I. Anil Kumar2, M. Narasimha Raju3, V. Hari Krishna4

Emergency procedures in the medical fraternity are a challenge in current day scenario. Most commonly sought after surgical emergency procedure is Appendicectomy. Over the decades of evolvement in surgical procedures much advancement has occurred in aspects of surgical techniques and materials, but the fairer part is actual diagnosis and confirmation which has not been given a keen look into area. This current article gives an insight into diagnosing Acute appendicitis with a scoring system. The detailed study of the wide array of cases at KIMS General Hospital, Amalapuram tells us that age factor is not significant parameter for acute appendicitis. The few predisposing causes considered by us for the effect of acute appendicitis has helped in evaluating and elucidating the score system based upon symptoms, Signs and Investigational reports. The analysis of 15 cases in detail comprising various facts of Appendicitis has formed the basis for inclusion and exclusion criteria method for the current study in aspects of Sex incidence, Clinical features, Ultrasonography (USG) findings, and Age prevalence. The scoring system gives a significant conclusion as more accurate and efficacy procedure in the diagnosis along with also being economically viable for the patient avail benefit aspect. Hence, this clinical scoring system is an effective method for diagnosing the appendicitis. And also prevented negative appendicectomy rate, by earlier and precise diagnosing which eventually lowers the mortality due to timely intervention.