Effect of Lockdown on Mental Health of Daily Wage Workers


Sachin Banjari*

The pandemic of the Corona virus is having a significant influence on the daily wage society's living standards. This study reveals around the standard of living for daily wagers during the blocking period. Affecting not only human lives but also the economy and way of life. The economically disadvantaged and vulnerable groups have borne the brunt of the population's hardship. Within India, a large number of people earn daily pay for basic jobs in the service, sales, construction, and household industries. In general, they face discrimination, exploitation of workers' rights, and employment insecurity. COVID - 19 has brought these issues to a new level of prominence. The country's highest court took notice of the situation and directed the governments to address the daily wage employees' immediate requirements. During the ongoing COVID pandemic, this article seeks to highlight the mental health issues of daily wage workers in many occupations. The post concludes with several suggestions. This is review article we use many references and there methodology to make our article. We use two brief screening instruments: the Patient Health Questionnaire-2 (PHQ - 2) and the Generalized Anxiety Disorder- 2 (GAD - 2.). Both of these scales have been successfully used to screen for sadness and nervousness in various studies.