Effect of Late-Night Mobile Use on Sleep Quantity and Quality in Medical Students

Author(s): Manish Lamoria1 , Sushil Sharma2 , Ketaki Poorey3 , Shrishti Bishnoi4

BACKGROUND Smartphone is friend for human being and due to increasing dependence on media-based interaction on smartphone through various software. Our younger generation is very much dependent on their smartphones. They even take it to bed for late hour uses which is actually very harmful in the long term as it decreases sleeping time and also hampers quality of sleep. The aim of this study is to assess the relationship of late-night cell phone use with duration and quality of sleep among medical students of JNU Institute for Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Jaipur. METHODS This study was conducted among 170 medical students of JNUIMSRC, Jaipur. Subject’s age, sleep duration, cell phone use after 10 p.m., personal habits and some physiological variables like blood pressure and pulmonary function test were also documented. Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index questionnaire was used for sleep assessment with 95% confidence interval of odd’s ratio to test poor sleep quality among participants who used smartphones at bedtime by using SPSS version 21 to analyse data. RESULTS Overall age of subjects falls in the mean of 20.48 ± 1.73 years. Out of a total of 170 students who participated, 139 students reported extensive cell phone use after 10 P.M. apart except short duration calls. Wake-up time among late night mobile users was found to be 7:40 A.M. ± 7.35 minutes, and 6: 36 A.M. ± 9.34 minutes among non-users. Those who use mobile for long stretch of time continuously had higher sleep latency than their peers. There was no significant difference in sleep quality of late-night cell users and non-users by multinomial logistic regression model. CONCLUSIONS Late-night cell phone use by adolescents was associated with increased sleep latency and hence also poor sleep quantity. Good quality sleep is the most important part of healthy lifestyle; so, we should discourage late night mobile use among adult students. Long term health monitoring is advisable to see long term effects on health.