Development of a Dietary Ferrous Milk Product based on Local Probiotic Crops


Elova Nilufar Arashovna*, Qutliyeva Guzal Jumaniyozovna, Quziyev Boburbek Umirzoqovich, Abdulaxadova Gulnora Sherali qizi, Khazratqulova Mohira Irgash qizi, Salayeva Robiya Sulton Alisher qizi and Mirzayev Tohir Shermirzayevich

The paper presents the results of research on the selection of probiotic cultures of the genus Lactobacillus for the design of dietary fermented milk products. Cultures of lactobacilli were identified to the species level, characterized by the results of biochemical tests, and their antiradical activity and sensitivity to antibiotics were studied. Selected strains are included in 2 types of fermented dairy products. HPLC analysis of the spectrum of free amino acids in these products showed that the products contain a high amount of essential amino acids. Product B contains 8 essential amino acids, due to which it can be recommended as a possible nutraceutical in the food and medical industries.