Correlation of Anxiety with Thumb Length and Intelligent Quotient in Phase - I MBBS Students


Aditya Sharma, Sankaran PK*, Joy A Ghoshal, Vinoth Kumar Kalidoss and Yuvaraj M


Anxiety is one of the common psychiatric disorder characterized by sad feeling and too much of anticipation. This anxietic character of a person not only leads to somatic changes in the body, but also to cognitive changes. So this study was done to correlate anxiety with thumb length and Intelligent Quotient (IQ) of the individuals.

Materials and Methods

The sample size was 99 MBBS students studying first and second year in AIIMS, Mangalagiri were taken into the study. Their thumb length, intelligent quotient and anxiety scores were calculated and the anxiety score was compared and correlated with thumb length and intelligent quotient.


There was statistically significant correlation between anxiety score and thumb length. The study participants with high anxiety score had lengthy thumb. There was no significant correlation of higher anxiety score with intellectually superior participants though the percentage was more.


There is significant correlation with thumb length, IQ and anxiety and these conclusions can be helpful in identifying IQ and anxiety score semi quantitatively using thumb length of the patients.