Author(s): Megha Tajne1, Kanchan Sheth2

: BACKGROUND: Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal intubation are the heart of airway management. But it induces stress response which is very detrimental for the patient. Various drugs are been tried to reduce this stress response. Magnesium Sulphate and lignocaine is been tried to reduce the pressor response during laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation. AIM: To compare the effectiveness of Magnesium sulphate and lignocaine to reduce the pressor response during tracheal intubation

STUDY DESIGN: Controlled clinical trial was undertaken which included three groups having fifty patients in each group.

METHOD: ASA I patients were included in the study. In Control group [group 1] normal saline 10 ml was given 1 min before induction. In magnesium sulfate [group 2] 50% in dose of 50mg/kg diluted in 10 ml magnesium sulfate was given 1min before induction over a period of 1min. In lignocaine group [group3] lignocaine 2% [xylocard] was given in the dose of 1.5mg /kg diluted in 10 ml, 90 seconds before induction. Haemodynamic changes were noted in all the three groups.

STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: The students paired[t] test was used in statistical analysis.

RESULT: Both the drugs produced tachycardia and hypotention. Increase in pulse rate in [group 2] was 20.44% which was comparatively more and statistically significant to 7.55% increase in pulse rate produced by lignocaine. Reduction in systolic blood pressure in lignocaine group was 13.23% which was more and statistically significant to 5.25% decrease produced by magnesium sulphate. Reduction in rate pressure product was due to attenuation of hypertensive response alone in magnesium sulfate group. Whereas attenuation of both hypertensive and tachy cardiac response contributed to decrease in rate pressure product in lignocaine group.

CONCLUSION: It can be concluded that magnesium sulfate is effective in protecting against the hypertensive response alone, while lignocaine is effective in attenuating both tachycardiac and hypertensive response associated with tracheal intubation.

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