Clinical Characteristics of Traumatic Brain Injury Participants: A Hospital-Based Cross-Sectional Study


Divya Laxmi P*, Kumaresan A, Prathap Suganthirababu, Kamalakannan M and Senthil Kumar N


Head injury is a major health problem and adults are vulnerable to injuries. This study was undertaken to know about clinical characteristics, causes, and patterns of head injury in an institute based hospital.


A Six-month cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted among 110 head injury subjects admitted to Saveetha Medical College, Chennai from August 2019- February 2020. Data were analyzed by using Sigma Stat Version 4.0 and depicted in tables and graphs. Data recorded include socio-demographic characteristics, clinical, and Computed Tomography variables.


A total of 110 head injury participants were reviewed and 20 were excluded and 90 were analyzed for the study. Males (64.4 %) outnumbered females (35.5 %). Road traffic accidents (58.8 %) were the commonest cause of head injury followed by fall (18.8 %). Loss of consciousness and vomiting was the most common clinical variable reported after injury. Computed Tomography Scan revealed different types of intracranial hemorrhage and the location of skull fracture.


This study contributes data on clinical characteristics of participants with head injuries from institute based hospital.