Dr. Nalini S. Mahendraker

BACKGROUND Ocular trauma can be a devastating injury, causing disability for a lifetime in children. Once described as the “neglected disorder,” has recently been highlighted as a major cause of visual morbidity. Globally more than half a million blinding injuries occur every year. The prevalence of ocular trauma in India was reported as 2.4%. We wanted to identify the causes, demographic profile as well as the clinical profile of paediatric ocular injuries. METHODS 64 children aged 16 yrs. or less presenting to our tertiary care centre with ocular injury were included. Demographic data, nature & cause of injury, duration between injury & presentation were recorded. Complete ophthalmic evaluation was done, appropriately managed & followed up to 6th week. RESULTS Majority of injuries occurred in children who were 5 years & older (69%). 68.75% were boys & 31.25% girls. 32 (50%) presented within 6 hrs. of injury, 11 (17%) presented after 24 hours. Most common cause of injury was stick 18 (28%). Open globe injuries accounted for 34.4%, closed globe for 32.8%, lid & lacrimal apparatus 26.6% & 6.25% were non mechanical injuries. BCVA of 6/12 or better was achieved in 14 eyes (66.7%) in closed globe group & only 1 eye (4.5%) in open globe group. CONCLUSIONS Most ocular injuries in children are preventable & occur from unsupervised activity which lead to significant visual loss.