Devender Reddy Kotta 1 , Shrinivas B. Somalwar 2 , Shantirupa Challapudi 3 , Ezhil Arasi Nagamuthu

BACKGROUND CDX2 is a nuclear homeobox transcription factor that belongs to the caudal-related family of CDX homeobox genes. The gene encoding CDX2 is a nonclustered hexapeptide located on chromosome 13q12-13. Homeobox genes play an essential role in the control of normal embryonic development. CDX2 is crucial for axial patterning of the alimentary tract during embryonic development and is involved in the processes of intestinal cell proliferation, differentiation, adhesion and apoptosis. 1 It is considered specific for enterocytes and has been used for the diagnosis of primary and metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a prospective study done at a tertiary hospital over a 2 year period from 2014 to 2016. 115 surgically resected and biopsy specimens of intestinal lesions of this period were included in the study. RESULTS Demographic data, clinical details and histopathology of these subjects were studied. Routinely processed formalin fixed paraffin embedded serial section of 3µm was subjected to immunohistochemistry with CDX2. CONCLUSION CDX2 could be used in conjunction with other intestinal tumour markers to enhance the prognostic utility in these tumours. Hence, CDX2 should always be used as a part of a broader immune histochemical panel.