Awareness of diabetic retinopathy among adult population attending rural health care center in uttar pardesh


Pragati Garg1, Mahrukh Khan2


To study the awareness of diabetes and its multisy stem involvement like diabetic retinopathy among population attending the rural health care center of a tertiary care hospital.



A cross sectional study over a period of 2 years was conducted amongst 6000 general adult population attending rural health care center of a tertiary care hospital in Uttar Pradesh. All the patients were subjected to random blood sugar testing and a self made questionnaire. Data obtained was statistically analyzed using SPSS software version 15.0. (P<0.05) was taken as significant value. 



In our study, we enrolled 6000 participants of mean age 56.4 years +/- 10years with male: female ratio of 3:5. Based on the questionnaire, we observed that 71.05% of the enrolled participants were unaware about the complications of diabetes .85.03% did not know that diabetes could affect the eyes per say. While more than 92.18% were particularly unaware about diabetic retinopathy or its treatment modalities. 93.3% of the general adult population said that they would get an eye check up when their vision is significantly reduced . The awareness about diabetic eye disease was significantly less in females. (p<0.05).



As per our study, more than half of the individuals lacked any knowledge about multi system involvement in diabetes .They were particularly unaware about the importance of eye screening in diabetes.



Diabetic retinopathy, awareness.