K. V. Giriraja 1 , Pavitra Chandrashekar 2 , Bindumathi P. L. 3

BACKGROUND Hyperglycemia and dislipidemia in DM induce increased lipid peroxdation and free radical formation. This is an important mechanism of microangiopathy. AIM To measure the antioxidant status in type 2 DM with nephropathy and compared with nondiabetic control group. MATERIALS AND METHODS 50 type 2 DM patients aged between 50 to 70 years according to national diabetes data group criteria with nephropathy diagnosed on the basis of history, physical examination and biochemical parameters were included. 50 age and sex matched apparently healthy individuals with normal plasma glucose, normal renal parameters and with no symptoms suggestive of DM were taken as controls. RESULTS Antioxidant status was significantly less in patients with diabetic nephropathy. CONCLUSION Data suggests that alteration in antioxidant status may help predict the risk of diabetic nephropathy.