Author(s): Binu M. G1, Vinodini C2, Srinivasan T3, V. Elango4, N. Tamilselvan5

INTRODUCTION: Schwannoma is a common benign tumour of nerve sheath. Degenerating type of schwannoma is called ancient schwannoma. Ancient schwannomas of scalp are rare and are often misdiagnosed as sebaceous cyst or dermoid cyst.

CASE REPORT: We present a thirty two year old male presented with scalp swelling of eight years duration. X-ray showed no intracranial extension. He underwent excision of the tumour and histopathology was reported as ancient schwannoma.

. DISCUSSION: Histopathologically, ancient schwannomas charecterised by cellular Antoni type A areas and less cellular Antoni type-B areas. 9th, 7th, 11th, 5th and 4th cranial nerves are often affected and may be associated with multiple neuro fibramatosis (Von-Recklinghausen’s disease).

Impact: Case is presented for its rarity and possible pre-operative misdiagnosis.

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