Acute Kidney Injury in Acute Stroke in Relation to Immediate Outcome- A Hospital Based Study

Author(s): Kallol Bhattacharjee1 , Nabaruna Paul2 , Sanjeeb Roy3 , P. Balamurali4

BACKGROUND Acute stroke is the second leading cause of death. The association of renal function and stroke is poorly understood. The present study is focused at assessing renal functional status in acute stroke and its prognostic significance on final outcome. METHODS Patients presenting with acute stroke numbering 200 were included for study duration of 1 year. Serum creatinine and 24-hour urine output were monitored after admission, at 24 and 48 hours and were evaluated during the in hospital stay. AKI has been defined according to KDIGO criteria. RESULTS The mean age of study population was 60±8.5 years. The overall incidence of AKI in stroke was 17% and commoner in subjects with haemorrhagic stroke. Patients with AKI had longer hospital stay and were associated with higher risk of mortality as compared to those who did not develop AKI. CONCLUSIONS Incidence of AKI complicating acute stroke is associated with increased mortality and adverse outcome. This highlights the need for early diagnosis, better risk stratification and preparedness for need for long-term care in this vulnerable population.