Kandan Muralidharan 1 , Subramani Murugesan 2 , Ponnusamy Kumar 3 , Victor Theophilus Premkumar 4 , Vijayakumari Vrinda 5 , Ahamed Kalil 6

CONTEXT Stroke is the most common cause of death after cardiac disease and cancer. This study attempts to identify the significance of mean platelet volume as a risk factor as well as prognostic factor for ischemic stroke patients1 . This may help in early identification of high risk individuals who can be targeted for aggressive acute management and improved secondary prevention measures. AIM OF THE STUDY To assess whether mean platelet volume levels are elevated in ischemic stroke and to assess MPV as independent risk factor and to assess whether the severity and outcome of ischemic stroke correlates with elevated mean platelet volume. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Analytical Case Control Study. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study is conducted among 50 ischemic stroke patients who were admitted at Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai from December 2014 to June 2015. After taking detailed history and physical examination and investigations, MPV was determined for Ischemic stroke patients and Modified Rankin scale (MRS) at the time of admission was calculated. After 8 weeks of onset of stroke, all the patients were again followed up. Functional outcomes were determined by use of Modified Rankin Scale (MRS)2,3. All patients were stratified using MRS2,3 Scale [0-2, 3-4 and 5-6] into three groups. MPV level was correlated with MRS score at the time of admission and again at 8 weeks. Patients with MRS score of 5 and 6 were declared as very poor outcome & MRS of 3 and 4 as poor outcome. Patients with MRS 0, and 1 were considered as good outcome. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS One way ANOVA, Pearson correlation and Chi square test. RESULTS There is no statistically significant difference among the case and control groups with regard to the age or sex composition or smoking or alcoholism. MPV did not vary with diabetes or hypertension. There was a linear relation with MPV and severity of ischemic stroke i.e. as the MPV increases the severity (MRS) 2,3of stroke increases. CONCLUSIONS There is significant elevation of Mean platelet volume in ischemic stroke patients1 compared to matched control group. Mean platelet volume can be used as a significant risk factor for acute ischemic stroke and other vascular events independent of other risk factor.