Author(s): Amel Antony1, Vinod Jakob2, Sreenidhi Sediguli3

This study puts in a sincere effort to study the spinal cord injuries in cases of fall from height. This study is intended to help
the fellow radiologists to identify and thus help the individuals to cut down the progression of the disease. Identifying the
spinal trauma and its clinic - epidemiological aspects will help further the practicing clinicians. The study can also help in
formulation of preventive measures and putting forward management protocols in cases of spinal injury.
This study was done in the Department of Radiology, Travancore Medical College, Kollam. This study was done from June
2104 to march 2016. Thirty two cases were identified and were taken up for the study.
Spinal injuries following fall from height.
1. Other spinal pathologies were not considered for the study.
2. Diabetic patients were excluded.
In the present study male sex amounted to ninety percent which amounted to twenty nine cases of spinal injury followed by
female sex which amounted to ten percent which amounted to three cases. The age wise distribution of cases showed that
age group of twenty to forty years showed maximum number of cases which amounted to sixteen admissions followed by age
group of forty to sixty years which amounted to seven cases followed by age group of zero to twenty years which amounted
to five cases, followed by age group of more than sixty years which amounted to four cases. Based on approximate height
from which the fall occurred seventeen cases fell from the height of more than twenty feet, followed by nine cases which fell
from the height of ten to twenty feet and six cases fell from the height of less than ten feet. The CT scan showed that eighteen
cases had displaced spinal fractures followed by forteen cases which had undisplaced spinal fractures. Cord injury was seen in
six cases. Based on the level of spine injury twenty six cases had lumbar spine injury, eleven cases showed thoracic spine
injury, three cases showed sacral spine injury and one case showed cervical spine injury.
As noted in our study fall from height is commonly seen in the males of productive age and the resultant spinal injuries usually
result in loss of earning for the family and may result in life - long disabilities.

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