Lingaraj Chauhan Lavudi 1 , Bhooma Reddy Muthyala 2 , Rajendra Prasad Kathula 3

BACKGROUND Ulcer can be defined as discontinuity of the skin or mucous membrane which occurs due to microscopic death of the tissues. Anywhere in the body the ulcers are known to occur provided it has been covered by an epithelium. Ulcers can be classified based on the pathology or on the clinical features. No matter what kind of the ulcer is encountered the guidelines should be followed. The chances of developing venous ulcerations in a lifetime are around one percent. This study puts in a sincere effort to study the clinical and surgical management of different types of ulcers. This study is intended to help the practising surgeons to help them understand the clinical and surgical management of ulcers and also take necessary interventional actions as early as possible. METHODS This study was conducted in the Department of General Surgery, Government Medical College, Nizamabad, Telangana. This study was conducted from September 2013 to July 2016. Three hundred twenty patients were included in the study who were admitted in the Department of General Surgery, Government Medical College, Nizamabad, Telangana. All the patients were thoroughly clinically examined. Any systemic disorders were treated as per the requirement. The patients were given either medical line of treatment or surgical line of treatment which was best suited for them. The patients who were discharged from the hospital after the treatment of ulcer and their mode of treatment were noted and reported which was found to be successful. All the statistics were done using latest SPSS software 2015 (California). CONCLUSION This study helps us understand the most convenient way to manage the case of ulcers either clinically or surgically in a very efficient way. This study will definitely help the fellow practising surgeons to identify and also help them save time as in our study we have already discussed the best possible and easy ways to treat different cases of ulcer.