A Role of fine Needle Testicular Aspiration in Outpatient Department


Hemalatha Narayana*

FNA of testis as not yet become a routine investigation in the field of cytology, although has gained its role to diagnosis in various organs. Testicular aspiration is simple and safe can perform without any complications and it requires no anesthesia, hence it can be done easely in OPD.


Aspiration smears yielded abundant material which was well preserved, and could easily read on light microscopy. In most of the instances especially inflammatory conditions one could approach the diagnosis easily, which avoided the biopsy.


The entire work was carried out in outpatient department. FNA was performed using 10 ml syringe with 21 gauge needle, aspirated material was air dried and wet fixed? The smears were stained using cytological stains. Simultaneously biopsy was performed.


The study included both non-neoplastic and neoplastic conditions. Cytological findings were well correlated with histopathological findings. In few of the cases where biopsy could not be done, clinical findings with other ancillary tests are considered.


Testicular aspiration is less expensive affordable, time taken to entire Procedure is 5 to 10 minutes. Patient management is fairly good without or minimal complications. Therefore FNAC can be taken as sensitive and specific method of investigation in case of testis as seen in other organs.