A Morphological Cross-Sectional Study of Metopic Suture in Human Adult Cadaveric Skulls

Author(s): Archana Kundlikrao Tale1, Fatima Bhopalwala Ali2, Suvarna Kundilkrao Tale3, Jitendra Gupta4, Santosh Shravanrao Fupare5

Metopic suture is located anterior to the coronal suture. There are two types:
complete and incomplete metopic sutures. Knowledge regarding the metopic
sutures in adults is necessary to avoid misinterpretation of radiographs as frontal
bone fracture. Knowledge with regard to metopic suture is helpful for anatomists
and medico legal experts. This study has been done to find out the incidence of
metopic suture, classify the metopic sutures into complete and incomplete type
and further classify the incomplete variety based on shape.
This study was conducted on 50 skulls from the Department of Anatomy,
Autonomous Government Medical College and Hospital, Ratlam (MP). Skulls with
signs of disease and damaged skulls were excluded from the study.
In the present study, out of 50 dry adult cadaveric skulls, 2 skulls (4 %) showed
complete metopism. Incomplete metopic sutures were present in 28 / 50 (56 %)
and absent in 20 / 50 (40 %). Out of 28 incomplete metopic sutures, single linear
metopic sutures were present in 12 / 28 (42.85 %). Double linear metopic sutures
were present in 7 / 28 (25 %). V-shaped metopic sutures were present in 5 / 28
(17.85 %) and U shaped metopic sutures were present in 4 / 28 (14.28 %).
Detailed knowledge of the metopic suture is important for neurosurgeons and
radiologists in routine practice. Vertical frontal bone fractures may be easily
misdiagnosed with persistent metopic sutures. This anatomical knowledge of
metopic sutures is very useful for doctors while treating traumatised patients and
during surgical intervention including frontal craniotomy.