A comparative study of fungal vs non-fungal rhinosinusitis in immunocompetent individuals


Khan Imran wasfi1, Pradhan Nishikant2, Samantaray KK3


To find out the prevalance of fungus in immunocompetent           patients presenting with CRS and to compare common      clinical manifestation



A total of 76 immunocompetent patients presented with chronic rhinosinusitis with polyposis were included in this study. All the relevant information about their presenting symptoms was recorded in a proforma.On OPD basis polypoidal tissue was sent for KOH and fungal culture. Later the findings of KOH and culture reports were recorded and analysed.



There were 44 males and 32 females among the 76 patients. The underlying fungus was found in 9 (11.8%) of the participants, 5 (55.5%) of whom were males and 4 (44.5%) of whom were females. Nasal blockage (88 percent), headache (63 percent), post-nasal drip (57 percent), nasal discharge (34 percent), odour disturbance (33 percent), and sneezing were the most common symptoms in this study (30 percent ). The average age was 43.83 +/- 14.82. The most common organism discovered was Aspergillus.



A considerable number of individuals with chronic rhinosinusitis with polyposis have underlying fungus, with Aspergillus being the most frequent organism detected.



chronic rhinosinusitis with polyposis, Fungus, Aspergillus