A clinical trial of Surfactant on 100 Respiratory Distress Syndrome(RDS) in 100 preterm and late preterm neonates admitted in pediatric department during the period January 2018-June 2019 ; An Observational study


R.Sujatha Devi1, Satya kumari2, Indira3


RDS Respiratory Distress is a common condition in preterm and late preterm neonates whose  age less than 1.5kgs need some intervention like intubation administration of surfactant1,2 will prove that early extubation and better outcome is possible.



A clinical trial including intervention and observation of 100 preterm neonates with RDS admitted in pediatric ward.



Out of 100 neonates, most of the neonates 34 (66.6%) in the surfactant group and 37 (75.0%) neonates in the control group were between 30wks to 32wks of GA respectively. 12 (25.0%) in the surfactant group and 10(19.4%) in the control group were between.27wks to 29wks of GA  respectively. very less 4 (8.3%) in the study group and 3 (5.5 %) in the control group were between  32wks of GA to 35 wks respectively.



The study concludes that among spontaneously5 breathing premature infants treated with INSURE, decreased the need for subsequent MV by 22%. The higher birth weight, the use of antenatal steroids16,17 the lower RDS score at the time of procedure and the early use of surfactant are the good predictors in the INSURE success group.



RDS, Preterm, Intubation, Surfactant(INSURE), GA (Gestational age), MV (Mechanical ventilation),Pulmonary Hemorrhage,CPAP.