Author(s): K. Ravinder 1 , M. Venu Madhav 2

HIV/AIDS is a multi system disorder with ocular involvement is about 70-80% of HIV patient occupational exposure to HIV is a significant health hazard for the treating clinicians including Eye Surgeons. AIM To study and evaluation of ocular manifestation in HIV patients attending out patient. MATERIALS AND METHODS It is observational study of 104 HIV+ve cases for a period of 1 year those patients who attended ophthalmic out patient department. RESULTS 73 were males (70.19%) and 31 were females (29.80%). Majority of the patients belongs to age group of 15-50 years. Out of 104 patients 83(79.80%) were married and 21(20.20%) were unmarried. HIV was predominantly seen in labourers 41(32.42%). The predominant mode of transmission of sexual (Hetero Sexual) transmission. HIV infection was predominantly seen in uneducated patients 64(61.53%). Total No. of ocular findings in 51 cases out of 75 with anterior Uveitis, Conjunctival microvasculopathy, Herpes Simplex Keratitis and Conjunctivitis are the most common anterior segment manifestation. CMV retinitis, HIV Microvasculopathy are the most common posterior segment manifestation. CONCLUSIONS Ophthalmologists should be familiar with common and uncommon ocular manifestations of AIDS+ve cases and their diagnosis and treatment, as early and proper treatment can Salvage their vision and improve the quality of life